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About Granta

We have worked on domestic and commercial properties, including small house extensions, student and elderly care accommodation, and offices. Our particular interest and expertise is in conservation and sustainability, and we have established close working relationships with conservation officers and organisations such as English Heritage.

In our work, we pride ourselves on our sensitive treatment of historic properties, particularly in helping them to become more sustainable. In our new-build work we bring the same attention to detail, focusing on sustainability across the life of the project, from siting to construction to operation.

Our philosophy is that conservation and environmental design are two sides of the same sustainability coin. An engagement with the historical, cultural and material context is equal to ensuring that the environmental performance – in terms of energy use, thermal comfort and sensory delight – of our projects achieve the highest standard.

The projects included here are intended to provide an understanding of the capabilities of the practice, and for each we make clear which company was responsible for the work.